Has The Attention Span Of A Gnat

This phrase is used to express a feeling about someone, a feeling that is more or less dismissive, derogatory and snide. It has been made to work as a comedy line too sometimes, but this only adds force to the point I want to make. Behind the words is an attitude towards gnats that is thoughtless, careless, yet widely accepted. Embrace the pedantic here briefly, if you will, and consider:

What do you actually know about the attention span of a gnat?

[Practically nothing.]

When did you last even see one?

[So long ago I don’t remember. Remind me, what do they look like?]

The power of the collective unconscious is increasing. Are you willing to look at the nature of your unique contribution to that power? And to be fully responsible for it? Answering these questions is an eminently suitable use of the attention span of a human being. It could well be also a requirement, for survival and liberation, yours individually and all life globally.

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She Is Love

I am never ready
And my beloved is always coming
Always taking me out

My beloved sees the clouds
And knows the sun

She hears my cries of desolation
And my songs of ecstatic praise
She moves now like
Incessant swirling change
And now like
Unceasing certain stillness
Now an eternal living being

My beloved takes me out
Before I put on my best clothes
Takes me dancing before I know the steps
Singing before I know the tune
Before I understand a single word

She loves me before I know what love is
She is love

She is love
And I am like a child
Totally in love (with playing this game of hide and seek) with her
Any minute now I’ll remember
We are one
And then we’ll shake with laughter
In each other’s embraces
And tears of joy
Will wet our faces.

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Nobody Ever


If nobody ever read this, would it have never been written?


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After Me


Unconsciousness, what unconsciousness?

Repeat, what repeat?


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No Ifs


What if there are no ‘what ifs?’


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What is the question, if this is the answer?

If that is the question, then is this the answer?

Or was that the answer, because ‘what?’ was the question?


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The Question


Is this the answer?
This is the question.

‘Could be’ could be an answer.
‘Could be’ could be questionable.

Is this an awnser?
That is the quistone.


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